31 easy creative tasks for you to do daily, to build your creative muscle

This is your chance to get yourself feeling super creative! 

Join a gang of people across the world with a single goal in mind: to bring out their creative side with some fun tasks.

*Note from Hel: The world is uncertain and scary at the moment, so we've decided to make this mini-creativity course free for ANYONE to take part in.*

“I feel more confident, less apprehensive, and just more sure of myself and my creative abilities.”

Rosa Sorrento

“It’s been fun and introduced me to lots of tools and techniques I wouldn’t otherwise have found. ”

Emma Gilpin

“We’ve picked up helpful new skills in divergent thinking, design apps, sketch-noting and even origami to name but a few.”

Daniel Cattanach

“I've been child like some days with my posts, stretched on others; being open-minded, confident and involved every day has given me a much needed boost.”

Vicky Lannen

“Albert Einstein once said, “creativity is contagious, pass it on” and after taking part in the #31DaysOfCreativity challenge, I think the genius was on to something. ”

Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell

“I've learned so much about myself and awakened a part of me that was buried under laundry and a few nasty cob webs.”

Wendy Thatcher

“Being creative, even in small ways, gives me a buzz. It makes me smile.”

Lisa Potter

Let’s create, draw, write, tinker & play our way to being an extraordinary creative thinker

Each day, you’ll do a simple creative task that will take you between 1 and 15 minutes.

You’ll do things like: taking a creative photo, writing a short poem on a particular topic, trying out a new app, taking a quiz about your own creativity, or scribbling a little diagram on paper.
  • You’ll have fun

    You can get lots of good ideas, and you may even find cool new people to chat to on social media.

  • Your work will be better

    Giving yourself a chance to unleash your creative side and it will hep you have better ideas at the office.

  • And it makes you feel good

    Getting in touch with your creative side can send all sorts of nice chemicals to your brain, apparently.

Ready to get those creative juices flowing?

Let's take 15 minutes a day to distract, entertain and develop ourselves.

Creativity is for people for all walks of life: it benefits big corporate CEOs, kids, artists, engineers, stressed out parents, - and just EVERYONE.

Your tutor

Hel Reynolds

Creative social media specialist

You may know Hel Reynolds as 'that women who got hundreds of people sharing their creative work for #31DaysOfCreativity'. She's also a respected expert in social media strategies, working with corporate comms and marketing pros to build their skills and confidence. She has shelves of awards to her name, the most recent being from the 2018 UK Social Media Marketing Awards. With the help of her training and advice, she'll release that creativity inside you. Her aim is to get you feeling inspired, fearless & proud about your work. She also loves to draw cartoons, chat to cats and binge-watch repeats of sitcom like Frasier and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Join the hundreds of lovely people who invest in their creativity