One 90 minute video lesson + 7 daily challenges = a creative Linkedin masterclass

Do you believe Linkedin has to be a stuffy, boring place where everyone just bigs themselves up all day?

Because we don't!

Linkedin CAN be creative and enjoyable.

There is a huge opportunity to build your network by creating Linkedin posts that fascinate your audience and colleagues.

We're going to show you that you don't have to be dull and corporate to be professional.

With this 7 day challenge, you can show leadership, build your profile and gets loads more likes, shares or comments.

Get some inspiration and make your Linkedin posts more interesting in only one week! 

  • 90 minute lesson

    The video with Hel will teach you how to use Linkedin as a powerful tool to promote yourself and your company. You'll also get creative inspiration about what to post, and see fantastic examples of how others are using it.

  • 7 daily tasks

    You’ll get an email every morning for a week, each with a 20 minute Linkedin task for you to complete. You get to try out different techniques and build your confidence by posting your work online.

  • The people

    You will join a lovely gang of creative people learning with you. We get inspiration and support from each other when we post our work, and maybe make a few friends too.

  • The JFDI approach

    By taking part in the daily tasks, you get to try out different techniques and build your confidence. Don’t just learn, DO! You’ll be a creative Linkedin-er in just seven days.

Take the #7DaysOfCreativeLinkedin challenge

This challenge is brought to you by Hel Reynolds and Lesley Reynolds, the creators of the immensely popular #31DaysOfCreativity challenge.

Over the 7 days you are going to:

  • Understand how and why posts go viral on Facebook
  • Learn how to use your Facebook page to grow brand awareness
  • Publish creative posts that get your audiences talking to you
  • Have loads of fun
  • Get creative, let go of being a perfectionist and JFDI

You get lifetime access to the training video, and if you fall behind on the daily challenges, just catch up when you can!

We kick off on April 27th 2020

Join us for a fun week of learning, playing and creating

Your creative mentor

Hel Reynolds

Creative social media specialist

You may know Hel Reynolds as 'that women who got hundreds of people sharing their creative work for #31DaysOfCreativity'. She's also a respected expert in social media strategies, working with corporate comms and marketing pros to build their skills and confidence. She has shelves of awards to her name, the most recent being from the 2018 UK Social Media Marketing Awards. With the help of her training and advice, she'll release that creativity inside you. Her aim is to get you feeling inspired, fearless & proud about your work. She also loves to draw cartoons, chat to cats and binge-watch repeats of sitcom like Frasier and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

C'mon people! We can do this!