Masterclass: Managing a thriving Facebook Group

Don't let it turn into a ghost town or a place to rant - learn how to build a community of fans!


Whether it's a focus group, or for community chat - your Facebook groups need a little love
to get going. Hel will teach you the
steps to make them thrive. 

This 90 minute masterclass for
comms professionals will give you
all you need to confidently get your 
Facebook group feeling more like 
a community, and less like a chore.

📣 Social Media Managers 
Academy members join for 
free, or non-members can 
book on below 📣 

◍ The purpose and benefits of 
thriving Facebook Group
◍ Main categories of Facebook
Groups and which is best for 
your brand
◍ The foundations of a great 
Facebook Group
◍ Attracting the right members 
(and filtering the wrong ones)
◍ The best types of posts for a 
thriving group
◍ Creative content ideas
◍ Community management when
you have limited time
◍ Promoting your group
◍ Facebook Group analytics
◍ Useful tricks and tips 

Build an army of fans, and
unleash the confident and 
creative community manager
inside you!