DECEMBER 2ND 2021, 1PM - 2.30PM

Haven't got around to working out Facebook Ads  yet?

Find it a bit intimidating?

Or maybe you're waiting to be sure you're using your organisation's budget as effectively as possible?

Let's get that sorted.

We are excited to host our guest expert, Helen Baimbridge, from Tin Cup Social - who will show you  all you need to know!

This class has been designed  for the needs of public sector organisations and non-profits - who will have very different pressures and goals to businesses selling services and products.


  • An overview of what FB ads can do for your organisation or product including: Ads vs boosting
  • Understanding Ads Manager including pixel; layout on the screen; structure of Ad campaigns with screen shots to demonstrate.
  • The Facebook Ads objectives - what they are, what they mean and how to use them
  • Audience Building - the different types of audience and how to create them; warm and cold audiences and their significance; layering and stacking audiences and when to use them.
  • Budgets and where to place ads
  • Ad formats, including the anatomy of a high performing ad
  • Interpreting results and industry benchmarks
  • Setting up Business Manager - or finding one you don't know about
  • Good management of Business Manager including levels of access, setting up as an organisation and how to remove someone from Business Manager when they leave
  • Questions to ask when hiring an agency