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Social Media Comms Academy is the training and membership that helps communications professionals to increase your brand's engagement, dramatically boost your reach, and produce more creative, effective social media content.

Here's what you get when you enrol

    The Social Media Expert course

    Access the entire course and achieve the Social Media Expert professional certificate.
    Over 16 video modules, you'll learn the best social media techniques from an award winning expert.
    And you can access all of this at a time that suits you.
    (See course outline below.)
    Worth £1180

    Live 90-minute video masterclasses

    Attend our interactive live lessons on a different social media topic every month. Chat with your tutor, other students and get involved in the Q&A.
    If you’re too busy to join live masterclasses, just catch up on the replay.
    You'll find every class in your library of training materials.
    Worth over £2160

  • 3. WEEKLY INSPIRATION: Content Calendar & inspiration

    As well as learning and insight, this academy saves you time, and helps you develop brilliant content. Our calendar has great content ideas for your brand to create engaging social media posts, and use our handy pre-written content templates when you need to get quality, engaging content out in a flash.
    Worth £690

Scroll across to see what our students say ➡

“Just wanted to share the impact of putting Hel's super-dooper advice into practice. Our Facebook engagement has transformed! I have posted ⬇️ 48% less and increased impressions by ⬆️ 268%, users reached by ⬆️ 333% and engagement by ⬆️ 481%. ”

Gemma Warren, Group Marketing Manager

“If you're into social media, I'd recommend this creative online course. You'll need to commit a couple of hours per week but the learning is phenomenal - so real time, practical, applicable and 💯 creative and audience focussed. It's ACE.”

Josephine Graham, Internal Communications Manager

“As well as being a great space to learn and bounce ideas off each other, this course allows you to catch up when best for you - #flexible #comms 😃 helps when you're as disorganized as me on times 🙌”

Natalie Warner, Digital Communications Officer

“This is an amazing course, I registered Abbey from my team and she's now inspired! She has a lot more confidence and is massively more understanding of customers and how to use social media :) You're a comms Wizard!”

Lucy Goldsmith, Communications Manager

“It completely changed my way of thinking about how we engage with our customers. I feel far more confident in my job and I also feel like I have more ideas about content. The course has given me the techniques I need to really grow all of our social channels.”

Lauren Parsons, Social Media & Digital Coordinator

Ever feel like Susan?

Communicators working for not-for-profit brands like charities, public services, and housing associations often face a few problems:

  • Your audiences aren't fully engaged and interested in important but heavy, often complex topics

  • You feel creatively constrained by a need to keep your social media well-judged and uncontroversial

  • It can be hard to find time to upskill and craft your best content

But you CAN bring your social media to life!

With Social Media Comms Academy, all year you learn skills, get inspiration, handy templates and resources AND help with implementation. 

Join Hel Reynolds, expert guest speakers and other creative communicators in the social media club and professional development programme that gets you incredible results.

The Social Media Expert Course Curriculum

On-demand video lessons and homework tasks that give you all you need to grow and nurture your audience, and create content that boosts your engagement

  • The rules of engaging content

    Understanding algorithms, the psychology of social media, and learning the Comms Creatives Method.

  • Strategic approaches to social media

    Goal setting for the right outcomes, and defining and understanding your audience, with empathy lists.

  • Creative content formats

    Understanding what kind of content makes people leave positive comments. Ten engaging content formats that will get your audiences talking.

  • Copywriting for social media

    How to write irresistible copy for Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram and Twitter posts.

  • Fun content creation tools

    Ten apps and tools to make some creative content - cool tools to save you time or create something cool.

  • Video for social media

    Deciding what kind of video you should make, and how to make engaging videos on the go - apps and techniques,

  • Storytelling on social media

    Key storytelling elements that bring your story to life - big and little story formats.

  • Visuals and graphics for social media

    Quick and effective social media graphics, and understanding memes (and how to use them wisely).

  • Developing your talent and creativity

    Respect and influence - get bosses, colleagues and clients to take you and your work seriously.

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  • 😂 The 'Comms-edy' Masterclass: How be be a funny brand on social media (without messing it up)

    £180 value

    Yes, you CAN use comedy for your brand on social media.
    It takes skill, but we can be funny and make our audience laugh, without being inappropriate or embarrassing.
    We'll teach you some easy and safe formats for funny posts, and show you some great examples for inspiration.
    Learn how to be funny and the dos & don't's of using comedy for your brand.

  • ✍️ Creative Content Bootcamp - plan your brand's social media posts in one afternoon

    £180 value

    This is your JFDI social media planning session!
    In one afternoon you can generate brilliant ideas and plan in loads of content for your brand.
    Invest a little time for planning, and make life easier for the rest of your year!

  • The Social Media Expert Mindset Workbook

    £19.99 value

    Be the first to get our Social Media Expert Mindset Workbook (released April 20th 2021).
    Understand the best ways to reach your potential and have a flourishing career that's enjoyable and successful.
    Make your plan to grow your talents, bounce back from setbacks, and be more creative.

Become a member of the Social Media Comms Academy

Join the spring 2021 cohort for just £990 +VAT for one year membership.

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More recommendations from our awesome students...

“It was such a refreshing change to other training courses. Helen is wonderful, so incredibly enthusiastic and supportive. You never feel like you're being preached at or lectured, it's just one comms professional sharing her experiences and wisdom with a group of like-minded comms folk. ”

Hannah Ambrose, Communications Manager

“The best thing about the course is being able to experiment with social media after LOTS of inspiration. This has given me the confidence to use my knowledge and express concerns to the team, whilst also allowing me to be more creative. Our social media has made an improvement already!”

Joelle Allen, Communications Officer (Campaigns)

“There's always the fear that this is going to be another course that shares the information you already know. This course wasn't the case - it was the way the practical advice was framed - the tips were aimed at people like me, busy and in charge of a number of things”

Gemma Warren, Group Marketing Manager

Training that's the opposite of boring

Learning doesn't have to be dull and difficult

We are committed to bringing out your creativity.

So we get you to try things like sketchnoting during a lesson, making a quick and fun video as your homework, and experimenting with new tools and apps.

You're going to be challenged, but it will be enjoyable.

2021 masterclasses

A 60-90 minute lesson and up to 30 minute Q&A

  • January 19th 2021, 12.30pm

    MANAGING A FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: whether it's focus group, or a community chat - Facebook groups need a little love to get them going. Hel teaches the steps to make them thrive.

  • February 9th 2021, 1pm

    LINKEDIN FOR BRANDS: this lesson is for you if you feel like you could make better use of Linkedin. Tips, tricks and content suggestions to grow your brand among professionals

  • March 16th 2021, 1pm

    INSTAGRAM STRATEGY: What you should actually be doing with your brand's Instagram? Let's refresh your strategy. Beginners and Insta ninjas will get something from this strategic session

  • April 6th 2021, 1pm

    FACEBOOK ADS FOR NOT-FOR-PROFITS: it looks overwhelming but we will show you how and what to do to run successful advertising campaigns on Facebook.

  • May 4th 2021, 1pm

    20 CONTENT HACKS TO MAKE CREATIVE CONTENT QUICKLY: Hel will show you the coolest free apps that will save you time, and get you confidently making your own creative content.

  • June 8th 2021, 1pm

    SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS & TECHNIQUES: Discover the best ways to listen, gather insight and engage your audiences. Ensure you have the skills and apps that are right for you.

Content Calendar: Save hours of time + overwhelm every single month

Copy-and-paste templates and inspiration

Each month, we create content for you! 

Access your calendar with pre-written social media posts that will work for your audience. And we'll send you an email reminder of what's new each month.

Some you can just copy and paste, some will need tweaking, and some will be great creative ideas that you can use to create your own content.

How can The Comms Creatives Content Calendar help you?

  1. Saves you hours of time by giving you outlines & templates written by specialist social media experts.
  2. Stops the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do.
  3. Grows your audience and get lots of likes, shares and comments.
Watch Intro Video

Video: look around the Social Media Comms Academy

Invest in your skills, with lessons that fit around your schedule

  • You will boost engagement levels on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram

  • You'll achieve better real-world results - key audiences will be keen to act on on your call-to-action

  • Your confidence will grow - so you’ll know what to post and feel sure you’re doing the right thing

  • You'll become more creative - and have new tools and techniques that bring your best ideas to life

  • You'll get recognition, achieveing the Social Media Expert Certificate, showing your peers that you're a accomplished social media professional

Is this Academy for you?

If you create social media content for your brand, it can feel tricky to make it stand out.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: 

"How do you have the ideas that make your posts go viral?" 

"Why is my content not getting the results I want?" 

"How can I be more creative?" 

Well, The Social Media Expert course that will teach you how to consistently create social media content that gets loads of engagement and brilliant results.

Our monthly masterclasses will bring you the freshest thinking and skills.

And our content calendar will give you the structure and ideas you need to confidently do your best work.

If you don't work in a role where you regularly use social media to communicate with your audience, this ISN'T for you.  

The Social Media Comms  won't cover basics like how and why to tweet, or use Facebook. 

The programme has been designed for professional communicators and marketers in not-for-profit organisations like charities, councils, housing associations and public services.

(Occasionally students from other industries want to join us, and that's cool, as they get great results too. Let us know if that sounds like you, and we can chat about if the academy is right for you.)

  • PR, communications and marketing professionals. You will develop your expertise and confidence in creating engaging social media content.

  • In-house, freelance or agency staff. Most people who take this course are working for a corporate or providing social media services to their corporate clients.

  • Not-for-profit organisations. The lessons are designed for brands in the public sector, charities, and housing associations. Although the techniques apply to communications professionals in any industry, we specialise in helping not-for-profits.

Invest in your skills

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LEVEL UP: Social Media Managers Academy + Social Media Strategist course bundle

Get the complete social media training for all the tactics and strategies you need for an expert career in social media

  • £1,680.00

    £1,680.00Total social media strategies and tactics course bundle - one year access

    As well as all the support and learning in the Social Media Managers Academy, you can also access the Social Media Strategist course. Over 6 weeks, you'll learn the steps to take to create a successful social media strategy for your brand, organisation or client.
    Access both training programmes now