ONLINE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP: Make engaging TikTok videos for your brand

September 27th 2022, 10AM - 3PM

Want to know to make TikTok trends work for your brand? This workshop will:

✨ Teach you what you need to know to make it on TikTok for your brand - whether you're a small public sector organisation, a charity, B2B, or a global entertainment or retail brand.

✨ Help you work out exactly what kind of content to produce to meet your goals and attract an audience.

✨ And you will play around with actually making TikTik videos yourself -with guidance and inspiration from your tutor, Hel Reynolds.

We'll also look at how to maximise engagement, repurpose your content on other platforms, and understand the analytics.

You'll learn basics and cool strategies
This learning and making workshop is suitable for communications and marketing professionals who haven't yet used TikTok, are just starting out, or would like to grow their brand's existing TikTok channel.