Build the skills that with help you become the go-to creative person throughout your career

You know that creativity is in you - but how to you access it whenever you need it?

Over 12 weekly video lessons you learn and apply all the skills you need to become a Communications Creativity Specialist.

Pre-book now for this bold and practical course for PR and communications professionals of all kinds.

Whether you're an internal communicator, trying to connect with staff, a social media manager or a marketing campaigner - this course will help you have better ideas.

We look at tools and techniques to help you:

  • Design ambitious creative campaigns
  • Bring creativity to the day-to-day stuff
  • Understand how to harness all those brilliant thoughts you have, so you become known and respected for your creativity

Sounds good, right?  

This is the course Communicators have been asking Hel to run online for years!

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Course overview

  • Lesson 1. Intro - let's get this thing rolling

    * About this course * What is creativity anyway and why do we need it?  * Problem-solving, design and prettification * Your best creative self * System 1 vs System 2 thinking

  • Lesson 2. The strategy bit - drawing a roadmap

    * Creative objectives, strategy and tactics * Understanding and making sense of a brief (or no brief) * Defining and understanding your audiences * Goal-setting

  • Lessons 2 and 3: Fun time - develop creative idea

    * The best 9 creative processes and tools - from SCAMPER to card games to scrapbooks * Coming up with a big idea  * When and how to be a bold creative * The best bits from the best books on creativity

  • Lesson 4, 5 and 6: Styling the idea  - agree and refine your concept and messages

    * Making your campaign emotional * How to use humour in your campaign * How to be controversial without getting in trouble * Powerful metaphors * Lessons from speechwriting * Simple storytelling

  • Lessons 7, 8 and 9: Making stuff - design your creative content

    * PESO * Choosing from video, imagery, writing and audio on various channels * Make your writing sparkle with creativity * How to bring visual flair to your campaign - how to be creative in your imagery - including drawings, photos and graphic design

  • Lesson 10: Play - apps and tips for quick creative output

    * Top ten apps for banging out creative posts in minutes * Tips for making the dull delicious * Learning from and applying play to your personal passions

  • Lesson 11: Present your ideas and make people love them too

    * Who needs to support this? * Get people behind you * Become a champion presenter, anywhere * Lift your way to success

  • Lesson 12: JFDI - your creative practices

    * The Monkhouse method * Making time for creativity * Responding to opportunity * Enjoying it * Creative communities and mentors

Your tutor and coach - Hel Reynolds

Hel is social media expert who has worked in and with communications and marketing teams for 15 years.

She's on a mission to get you feeling creative, fearless and proud of your work.

Strategist, cartoonist and multi-award-winner - she can help you make the most of your talent.

Get her on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Insta or join the Comms Creatives Club for lots of interesting chats and advice on unleashing your creativity.

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