Now is the time to make this thing fly

Take the struggle out of finding your ideal clients

If you know you can do an amazing job for clients, but you struggle to get enough work - it can feel stressful sometimes.

  • Do you wonder where your next clients will come from?

  • Scared you’re undercharging?

  • Worry you’re working hard but not getting very far?

You may be one of many comms and PR professionals who are highly skilled, but you often don't make time to market yourself effectively.

Do you work IN your business, on client work, but neglect to make time to work ON the business?

We can help you with the skills, tactics and contacts you need to take action and massively boost your income

We teach you how to run your business in the real world - with real strategies that you can implement that will help you grow.

A whole year of growth: learn everything you need to know in two months, then get support to put it all into place.

1. Training
Take the practical  business course that will show you how to turn things around. You'll hone your business model and design a powerful marketing strategy.

2. Monthly masterminds
Join us for a monthly live mastermind where you get to catch up with the group and take the mastermind hotseat .  This is where you get instant advice and feedback on any business challenge or opportunity you're facing at that moment.

3. A support network made up of friends who share your ambition
Use the private networking group, a supportive group of comms pros who are on your side and are learning and growing alongside you.

Our members have varied goals.

Some want to triple their income. Some want to make more time to spend with their family, and move to a three day working week. Some want to position themselves as industry leaders.

We'll help you work out what's right for you, and show you how to get there.

Book now to get your place in the 2022 cohort

Live lessons and masterminds begin January 7th.
It's time to invest in your business, and yourself.

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The no-nonsense guide to making sales

Video lessons, templates and resources that will help you get all the clients you need to easily run a thriving business.

If you are a comms or PR freelancer, consultant or you're planning to run your own show, this is the programme that will help you work smarter:

• Earn more money
• Free more time
• Feel more confident as a business owner

You'll discover how you can behave less like an employee, and more like a strong, successful entrepreneur.

And you will build a brand that attracts the right clients, who buy your services at the right price.

  • Our proven system to build an audience and sell your services

  • Building a memorable brand

  • Simple but powerful email marketing

  • Develop some nurture sequences

  • Selling without feeling dirty!

  • What social media platforms to use, and how to use them

  • Developing your profile as an expert comms leader

Start growing your business today for £99 a month, or £990 for the year

No more procrastination!
No more imposter syndrome!
No more wondering how you'll find your next client!
Let's build this thing together.

We're behind you all the way - get the support you need to run a fabulously successful business

Pay now at £825 + VAT and registration fees. Or spread the cost over 12 months.

January 2022: Grow your business with our 'Business Building Friday' sessions

Join us for live video lessons and coaching, that you can rewatch whenever you need to

You'll be part of an exclusive club of budding comms entrepreneurs.

Fridays are the days we invest in our businesses.

First: we'll learn about a different topic each week for 8 weeks, when Hel Reynolds teaches a live video lesson and takes questions from 3pm to 5pm.

Then we use the club to encourage each other, share successes, recap on our knowledge.


Friday 7th January : Welcome video 

Friday 14th January: LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 21st January : LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 28th January : LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 4th February : LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 11th February : LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 18th February : LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 25th February : LIVE session 3-5pm 

Friday 4th March : LIVE Wrap up session 3-5pm

  • Live video lessons

    Learn the secrets to running a wildly successful business. After each lesson is Q&A where you get the opportunity to get more insights and personal advice. If you can't make the lesson live, you can watch a replay and ask questions whenever you have time.

  • Invaluable resources

    You can access all the videos, templates and resources for a year after joining. This means you can put your learning into action at a time that's right for you. We will encourage you to take small, regular steps that add up to your business taking off!

  • Exclusive club member

    You get one year access to the exclusive networking group, so you can continue to share your successes with other comms entrepreneurs, and continue to support and collaborate with each other. This is not just a place to learn, it's a place to make friends who share your ambition.

How my business thrived online

Once I started thinking of myself as a business owner as well as a comms professional, I turned my my hopes into reality

I had no idea how to run a business when I left my job to go it alone. 

When you switch from corporate comms to freelance or consultant life, you take on two jobs. 

  • You’re an expert communicator 
  • You’re an amateur business owner

In some ways I thought my comms skills would be enough. But I also felt like successful business people all seemed to know something that I hadn't found out yet.

From keeping afloat to doing good

I was doing alright for my first few years, and I took whatever work came my way. 

But money was tight and, even though I needed more clients, I always felt overwhelmed by the work I had on.

I read a zillion business books. I asked successful people what they did to become so awesome.

And I changed how I marketed myself. 

The business started flying in and I was working doing what I love - delivering creative social media training.

Making a lemons into a delicious lemonade! 

In 2017, a few chronic health conditions I have worsened. I just had no energy to carry on with my gruelling schedule of travelling across the UK to teach my comms clients creative social media techniques. 

So in 2018 I decided to make my training and available online, and I invested in more business coaching and marketing lessons.

in 2019, I had nearly halved how much face-to-face work I did, and my business doubled its turnover. 

That year, I sold over £54,000 worth of online courses! 

I took on my first member of staff - my sister Lesley - and we are both loving our work.

More importantly, I found a way to provide THE BEST learning and consulting experience for my clients, that made a huge difference to their work, and helped them brim with confidence. 

In 7 years, I’ve gone from winging it and being skint - to:

  • Working 4 days a week doing what I love (and having time to rest)
  • A very nice income 
  • Bringing my lush sister in to join the business, and a small team of remote colleagues who help us manage the work 

And during the pandemic we have continued to go from strength to strength.  We made a few tweaks here and there and were up and running fully throughout.

We get our clients amazing results. And we enjoy our work. 

You too, can turn your comms and PR business into a high-earning, manageable operation that you are proud of. 

You don't have to take huge risks, or do anything you're not comfortable with.

We'll show you how, and support you all year.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • You're in The Comms Entrepreneurs Business Course & Club

    • Before you start...

  • 2

    From a employee mindset to entrepreneurial thinking

    • What you need to do, know and think to run a successful business

  • 3

    Positioning your business in the market

    • Fine-tuning your offer, and zoning in on your audiences

    • BONUS LESSON A! Turn your business into an online empire: from services to products - designing your offer

    • BONUS LESSON B! Turn your business into an online empire: pricing and packaging

    • BONUS LESSON C! Turn your business into an online empire: the tech you need

  • 4

    Your marketing strategy

    • A roadmap to get regular, easy sales

  • 5

    Lead magnets and email automated sequences

    • How to attract new clients with lead magnets

  • 6

    Social media marketing that sells

    • A long-term social media strategy for your business

    • Which channels to choose and focus on

    • Easy ways to engage your ideal clients

    • Writing social media copy that sells

    • Use Linkedin for maximum impact

    • Manage a thriving Facebook group

    • Blogging to attract new clients

  • 7

    Make your your website get people to buy

    • Your home page, other pages you need, and the pages you need to scrap

  • 8

    Email marketing that sells

    • Why and how to sell using newsletters

    • Email marketing slides

  • 9

    Live coaching - your recipe for success

    • Live Q&A to get you at the top of your game

Video lessons, templates and resources that will help you get all the clients you need to run a thriving business

Limited places available on this exclusive programme of social media training for comms and marketing entrepreneurs