Create a social media strategy that gets results.

No fear. No procrastination. We'll do it together.

Work in a comms or marketing team, and want to get your social media strategy sorted?

So many social media professionals know they need a proper strategy for their organisation.

  • But where to start?
  • How will you find time?
  • What is the best approach for your brand?

Don't worry if it feels a little overwhelming.

Social media strategist, Hel Reynolds knows the feeling. Even though she's written brilliant strategies for many brands, she knows what it's like to procrastinate and feel daunted by getting it done!

So she has designed this course so you can take it in small chunks, learn with others, and write a little bit of your strategy each week, as we go.

Become a confident social media strategist

Join a small group of social media professionals this October to get expert advice and learn all the skills you need to get your strategy written!

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

We take you through each step of creating a social media strategy, so you can build yours as you go

In each of our 6 weekly lessons, we spend 90 minutes learning and discussing a different section of your social media strategy.

You'll learn, be inspired and take steps that will get your strategy ready. AND you can catch up on replay any time, if you can't make a live session, or you want a refresher.

Write your strategy as we go, filling in our template to make the process simple and effective.

  • Taking a strategic approach - an overview

  • Auditing your existing social media

  • Goal-setting for success

  • Define your channels, topics and uses

  • Audience segmentation and empathy maps

  • Create your content manifesto, checklists and tone of voice guide

  • Set your engagement standards

  • Live lessons every Monday

    Starting on October 4th 2021, you'll tune in and chat for our Monday live video lessons. We'll get it done together.

  • Strategy templates and guides

    Don't start with a blank page. Download helpful information that will save you time and give you inspiration.

  • Inspiration and community

    Chat with other students on the course - you can inspire each other and get valuable feedback on your work.

Built for comms & marketing professionals to shine

It's not for social media novices or newbies. But if you've worked in comms, marketing social media for two years or longer, you might just be ready to do this:

  • Corporate communications and marketing professionals in the not-for-profit and public sectors

  • PR professionals in agencies with not-for-profit and public sector clients

  • Social media managers who want strategic skills they can use throughout their career

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Create a social media strategy that gets results.
No fear. No procrastination.
We'll do it together.

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Your instructor

Hel Reynolds

Creative social media specialist

You may know Hel Reynolds as 'that women who got hundreds of people sharing their creative work for #31DaysOfCreativity'. She's also a respected expert in social media strategies, working with corporate comms and marketing pros to build their skills and confidence. She has shelves of awards to her name, the most recent being from the 2018 UK Social Media Marketing Awards. With the help of her training and advice, she'll release that creativity inside you. Her aim is to get you feeling inspired, fearless & proud about your work. She also loves to draw cartoons, chat to cats and binge-watch repeats of sitcom like Frasier and Curb Your Enthusiasm.