Earn more than ever, and give your clients the best service possible!

Face-to-face is not so easy these days.

If you are a communications freelancer, or you run a small comms or PR business, offering your services online makes a lot of sense.

But where to start?

  • Should you do online courses, video-call consultancy, or something else?

  • What technology and tools are best?

  • How will you make it something my clients will love?

Well, I've created a short online course just for you, where I share my best tips and strategies.

In only 3 weeks, you can learn everything you need to offer your services online.

How my business thrived online

In 2017, a few chronic health conditions I have worsened.

I just had no energy to carry on with my gruelling schedule of travelling across the UK to teach my comms clients creative social media techniques.

So in 2018 I decided to make my training available online.

in 2019, I had nearly halved how much face-to-face work I did, and my business doubled its turnover. 

That year, I sold over £54,000 worth of courses!

More importantly, I found a way to provide THE BEST learning and consulting experience for my clients, that made a huge difference to their work, and helped them brim with confidence.

You can turn your comms and PR business into an online empire too!

Learn what you need to know from someone who's been there, done that

We will go through all the things you need to know, over 3 weekly hour-long lessons. You'll get also get worksheets, and a year of access to the videos and community of other comms learners.

  • What online products you can offer and how to create them

  • Designing an amazing experience for your clients

  • How to use live video for courses and consulting

  • What tech and tools you're going to need

  • Planning your sales strategy

  • 3pm, May 15th 2020

    Lesson one: covering what kind of products to offer, creating products that will appeal to your clients, designing the experience.

  • 3pm, May 22nd 2020

    Lesson two: The tech and tools you need to provide online courses, online consulting and ebooks.

  • 3pm, May 28th 2020

    Lesson three: how to market your products, sales copy that sells, and have your questions answered live

Take this quick-start course

Only £290 to turn your business around - it's an investment you won't regret